Marvelous Children

It was a regional meeting in which participants were representatives from ASEAN and South Asian countries, like Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, and some more. My group had finished the FGD session, and someone suddenly whispered to me, ''Indonesia is probably the host to the most brightest students in Asia, since you champion many many science competition, which unfortunately, we don't. You are simply leapfrogging everyone''. She was a young lady from Thailand, and she'd been to Indonesia many times. I was quite surprised actually, and then started to question myself....ARE WE THAT GOOD?
Indonesia celebrated another achievement this week when six Indonesian students took home EIGHT gold medals (can you believe it?) from the 16th annual International Conference of Young Scientists in Poland. The secondary school students - competing against teams from Europe, Asia, and the United States (18 countries in total), took top honors in physics, mathematics, and environmental science. Hopefully, God gives me good and long life to witness them to become world class scientists...

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