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Indonesia Is Still A Foreign Direct Investment Top Destination

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Indonesia Is Still A Foreign Direct Investment Top Destination
One of the impacts of global economic downturn would be around investment, where people/companies are more considerate, careful, and sometimes reluctant to release their money to be invested somewhere else. In the 80's and early 90's, Indonesia was among the top destination for FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) which amounted to $20 billion a year. After that golden decade, FDI continued to fall following the Asian economic crisis 1998. But hey, the tide is up again! Last year, we booked a net FDI totalling almost $18 billion, outperforming all ASEAN countries. This year, it is estimated that the money for investment worldwide would fall to only $300 billion, from $520 billion last year. Indonesia, due to its vast economic opportunity, political stability, and rising image, should benefit and at least keep up the good work last year. The Good News is, in Q1, FDI already reached $3 billion.
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