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The Condor Has Come: Garuda's Brand New Airbus 330-200

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The Condor Has Come: Garuda's Brand New Airbus 330-200
Written by Jannatul Firdaus, an aviation student (GNFI contributor in Indonesia)
Today 20th of may 2009, Garuda Indonesia received its first brand new Airbus 330-200 HGW (High Gross Weight) series of 4 aircrafts in their order. Those aircrafts are projected to serve Jakarta-Denpasar-Tokyo route starting from 2nd of June this year and to serve European routes via Dubai soon. Airbus A330-200HGW series fuselage looks shorter than her sister A330-300, but they have much longer flying range about 12,670 km (2,170 km farther than A330-300 Garuda's current fleet) with maximum takeoff weight around 238 tonnes. This aircraft can carries up to 293 passengers with two classes (business-economy) configuration or 253 passengers with three class (first-business-economy) classes configuration.
Lion Air

Those 330s were supposed to join with Hainan Airlines. But since they cancel their orders while the aircrafts has been built up, Garuda Indonesia took this idle-ordered aircrafts. And immediately after its arrival, the red-white Hainan's livery will change into blue and white Garuda's beautiful exotic livery at Garuda Maintenance Facility. Pics taken from here.
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