The nearest SEA Games will be hosted by Laos, a new ASEAN member, in December 2009, if I am not mistaken. I met a Filipino in a food stall, and she said that she has lost hope for Philippines team since it became the winner of SEA Games 2005, their first and last winning. Well, I told her to keep up her dream, and never lose hope; Philippines is a great nation with people with great talents. What about Indonesia? Indonesia (and Philippines) only joined the SEA games in 1977 (the 1st Sea Games was in 1959 in Bangkok), however, Indonesia already copped the overall championship 9 times. Since its debut in 1977, Indonesia topped the ranks until 1985 (when it lost to Thailand), 1987-1993, and 1997 was the last time Indonesia gained the most medals. It is an extraordinary achievement for relatively a ''new comer'' in 16 events, . While Thailand ranks #2 (4 times champion) in 25 events. So, no worry!
Indonesia 9 Times 2 Times 3 Times
Thailand 4 Times 9 Times 3 Times
Malaysia 1 Time 3 Times 1 Time
Philippines 1 Time 2 Times 6 Times
Vietnam 1 Time - 2 Times
Myanmar - - 1 Time
Brunei - - -
Cambodia - - -
Laos - - -

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