Best Of The Best From Martha Tilaar

Best Of The Best From Martha Tilaar
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Indonesian company, Martha Tilaar, has won the ASEAN Business Award as Best of the Best in Innovative Industry in big company category. The announcement was made in Bangkok, Thailand, during ASEAN Business Award ceremony.

The Indonesia health-cosmetic company Martha Tilaar specialized in producing health/beauty/aesthetic products using traditional herbs, is winning the award despite the heavy competitor from Singapore (Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd) and Thailand (True Corporation Public company Ltd) that are using more scientific approach. According to Mrs. Martha Tilaar, this winning works as a proof that good and innovative products, even when it came from traditional roots, can be well accepted by international community. She then added that this winning shall motivates her company further to stay competitive in global market. Currently, Martha Tilaar product can be found in every corner of the world, including in one of the world's most hostile places, Afghanistan.

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