Indonesian Assault Rifle Now Goes Global

Indonesian Assault Rifle Now Goes Global
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Indonesian-made rifle The SS-1 (short for Indonesian Senapan Serbu 1, "Assault Rifle 1") is the standard assault rifle of the Indonesian armed forces. It is based on the FNC rifle but modified in order to meet ergonomic and tropical environment needs. The SS-1 is manufactured by PT Pindad, Bandung, Indonesia.

The assault rifles of the SS1 series are gas-operated automatic carbines with a fold-able butt and are designed to meet the NATO standard. SS1 weapons are high performance light individual weapons that have been used by the Indonesian armed forces, including the Army, Navy, and Air Force, as well as police. It was adopted into Indonesian service in 1991. It is currently being phased out and replaced by the Pindad SS2. Indonesian ministry of defense had earlier allowed PT Pindad to export the rifle and pistol outside Indonesian territory, and Cambodia was the first user outside Indonesia, followed by United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, and the Philippines. Pindad not only produces rifles, pistols, mortars, but also panzers and tanks in the near future.

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