The Best Memory On Earth Is In Indonesia

The Best Memory On Earth Is In Indonesia
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Dominic Brain, a 12-year-old boy from Kuta in Badung district, has had his name entered into the Guinness Book of World Records after proving his ability to recollect a 76-digit figure in only 60 minutes. The son of Gidion Hindartho showed his extraordinary ability in a record-breaking test organized by Guinness World Records Asia at the Bali Zoo Park in Gianyar more recently. Alex Iskandar Liew, a representative of Guinness World Records Asia, said on the occasion, Dominic's feat was particularly unique because of his young age.

In the days ahead, Alex said, there would no doubt be other people who would try to equal or break Dominic's record but they had to go through a long learning process first. Meanwhile, Dominic's father, Gidion Hindartho, said, before taking the test, his son had indeed been training the capacity of his memory but without setting a certain achievement target. Source: Voice Of Indonesia Thank you RI_54 for sharing this!

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