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10 Things To Experience In Indonesia Before You Die

Akhyari Hananto
Akhyari Hananto
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10 Things To Experience In Indonesia Before You Die
There are some rare things you might only find in Indonesia. You've gotta witness 'em before you die. They are: 1. Cuddle a fuzzy orange Orang Utan Indonesia is home to the largest remaining habitat of Orang Utans in the world (in Sumatra & Borneo). 2. Witness the Green Turtle migrate from eastern Indonesia all the way to Australia 3. See the last of the dragons roam the earth (Komodo Dragon, Komodo Island, east of Bali) Learn why this carnivorous beast reigns supreme at the top of the food chain. 4. Cute mammals come in small packages Hold the diminutive Pygmy Tarsier from Celebes (Sulawesi). 5. Show your true stripes (Sumatran Tiger) India may claim the fame of tigers befriending Mowgli in the Jungle Book, but Indonesia is among the last remaining countries with the endangered Asian Tiger. 6. Cozying up to a Pachiderm (Sumatran Elephant) 7. Single Horn are hard to come by Among the most endangered species in the world, the Javanese Rhino is renowned as a recluse, and is as difficult to photograph. 8. The world’s biggest flower is also its stinkiest (Rafflesia Arnoldi) The world’s biggest known flower, Rafflesia Arnoldi, blooms very rarely, and is also known as the most odoriferous of all flowers (Bengkulu Province, Sumatra). 9. Taste the World’s Most Expensive and Exotic Coffee (Kopi Luwak) These coffee beans went from obscurity to stardom when featured on Oprah a few years ago. 10. Ants are architects too (Ant Castle, West Papua) Termites and ants build nests into imposing structures, some as tall as 8 feet. Credit: Dian Hasan
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