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Where All The Planes Go?

Akhyari Hananto
Akhyari Hananto
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Where All The Planes Go?

I was somewhere in the Philippines in 2006 when I witnessed with my bare eyes that some of Philippines-based airlines (Asian Spirit airlines) used Indonesian-made CN-235. That time, i admit, i was surprised because all those while' I'd kept on thinking that CN-235 only sold domestically inside Indonesia.

Then I started to learn that Indonesia managed to sell some of CN-235 aircraft to neighbors like Malaysia, Brunei, and Philippines. Bram, a good reader of GNFI residing in Singapore, gave me a link describing that CN-235 has been sold worldwide beyond Asian continent's border. Here's the list:

Military Operators

Airforce: * Botswana Air Force * Tentera Udara Diraja Brunei * Chilean Air Force * Colombian Air Force * Ecuadorian Air Force * French Air Force * Gabonese Air Force * Irish Air Corps (2 x CN235MP) * Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (8 x CN235-220) * Moroccan Air Force * Pakistan Air Force (4 x CN235-220) * Panama Airforce * Papua New Guinea Airforce * Royal Saudi Air Force * South African Air Force * South Korean Air Force (20 x CN 235) * Thai Air Force (10 ) * TNI AU (Indonesian airforce) * Turkish Air Force * UAE Navy * U.S. Coast Guard sebagai HC-144A for Medium Range Surveillance Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MRSMPA) Military: * South African Airforce  (1) * UEA Airforce * Saudi Arabian Airforce * Botswana Airforce * Brunei Airforce(1) * Chilean Airforce (4 CN-235-100) * Ecuador airforce * Gabon airforce *Ireland airforce(2 CN235MP) * Colombia airforce * South Korean Airforce(20) * Malaysian Airforce(8 CN235-220) * Morrocan Airforce(7) * Pakistan Airforce(4 CN235-220) * Panama Airforce * Papua New Guinea Airforce * France (19 CN235-100). * Spain (20) * Turkey (50 CN235-100M); (6 CN-235 ASW/ASuW MPA); (3 CN-235 MPA) * Venezuela *Jordan(2) Source :

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