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Indonesia's Global Brands (Part 3: Tires)

Akhyari Hananto
Akhyari Hananto
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Indonesia's Global Brands (Part 3: Tires)
Have you checked your car/motorbike tires this morning before leaving home this morning? Well, have you ever noticed the brand of your tires? They're probably GT tires. GT stands for Gajah Tunggal, one of  Indonesia's global brands. Gajah Tunggal (GT) is the largest integrated tire manufacturer in Southeast Asia and produces and markets a full range of tires and inner tubes for motorcycle, passenger cars, commercial and heavy equipment vehicles. In 1951, GT Tire started its business by producing bicycle tires. Its current facilities have grown to world-class standards to manufacture international quality products, mainly radial, bias and motorcycle tires. GT Tire has received numerous certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 9002, E-Mark from the European Community, the TUV CERT from Germany, quality testing from the US Department of Transportation, the BPS from the Philippines, and similar certification from the Government of Brazil. GT Tire has made acquisitions of tire cord company, nylon filament company, bead and steel wire company and aluminum alloy wheel company as part of its plan to be a totally integrated company capitalizing on lower raw material costs. Previous and planned capacity expansions are intended to achieve economies of scale. GT Tire has been steadily expanding its product range and quality to become one of Asia’s global tire exporters. To market its wide range of products, GT Tire has developed a strong domestic and international distribution network of more than 50 dealers throughout Indonesia and other international outlets in over 75 countries. Currently, GT Tire operates a total of five tire plants for bias tires, radial tires, motorcycle tires and tubes, automobile tire tubes and recycled rubber. In some countries, GT Tire dominates the market. In Sri Lanka for instance, GT Tire secured 26% of the tire market last year, way above its competitors. GT has been leading Sri Lankan market for over 14 years now. It produces a long range of tyre products, from van, tractors, motorbike, bus, and other heavy-duty vehicles. GT Radial is probably the most famous one.
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