Indonesian in Guiness Book of Record

Indonesian in Guiness Book of Record
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Many Indonesian people are very intelligently potential but sometimes rarely acknowledged by international community. After the world recognized the intelligence of famous figures like Habibie (in Germany), Nelson Tansu (in USA), and Sri Mulyani (about to move to Washington DC), now the world community needs to rethink that Indonesia has many smart kids, including Brian. 

Brian Dominic, 12-year-old boy born in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia, some time ago listed his name in the book of Guinness World Records. Brian successfully demonstrated his ability to remember 76 rows of numbers in only 60 minutes. At a record breaking event held in Bali Zoo Park, in Gianyar, Bali, August 15, 2009, representative of Asian Guinness World Records, Alex Iskandar Liew, praised Brian’s ability. 

According to him, Brian’s ability to memorize the row was very extraordinary. Such capabilities are rarely owned by the children of his age, and if anyone wanted to match or even surpass Brian’s ability, he had to learn and practice for a long time. Brian Dominic admitted that he only took two months to practice remembering sequence of numbers in quick time. He practiced it three times a day. 

He said he would continue to practice remembering series of numbers, to be able to correct the record he made, and to prepare for the challengers. Brian targeted 104 series of number to remember since while his practicing, that was the best he ever reached. 


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