"Witam, Polska" (Hello, Poland)

"Witam, Polska" (Hello, Poland)

"Witam, Polska" (Hello, Poland)

For most Indonesians, the first thing crosses their mind when I mentioned about Poland (It's Polandia in Indonesia) is.."same flag,upside down". Some would say, Poland is a very beautiful country with rich cultural heritage.

When German Nazi invaded Austria and Cekoslovakia, no body cared. But..when it invaded Poland, England and France then declared war against the German, and it was the true trigger of bloodiest war ever, the World War II, which costed some 50 million lives and countless damage.

Ciputra, Indonesia's property company, plans to bring Indonesians closer to Poland. After successfully developing a number of satellite town at home and in several South East Asian countries (Cambodia, Vietnam) and India,  Ciputra Group, one of Indonesia’s largest property developers, now mulls a plan to build a ‘new town’ in Poland, eastern Europe.

To materialize the plan, it needs at least 200-300 hectares of land there. It is now still being studied.

Ciputra will undertake thorough study before making a decision since Poland’s culture is different with Asian culture. However, they’re seriously considering this opportunity.

Developing residential areas overseas is not new for the group. Ciputra Group is developing a satellite town with a size of 300 hectares in Vietnam. Of the land size 70 hectares have been developed, who is also president for International New Town Association said.

The group also is also developing a satellite town in Cambodia on 260 hectares of land, located in Phnom Penh. Ciputra Group was found  by Ir. Ciputra, one of Indonesia's most successful businessmen. Three of the group's companies have been listed, i.e. PT Ciputra Development Tbk, PT Ciputra Property Tbk and PT Ciputra Surya Tbk. Apart from developing residential properties, the group also develops hotels under Ciputra hotel brand.

Source : Kompas Properti

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