Indonesia's Global Brands (Part 11: Adventure Bag)

Indonesia's Global Brands (Part 11: Adventure Bag)
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I was somewhere in the Philippines when I met some American tourists carried backpacks; its brand was familiar to me. Yep, it was EIGER. I am not sure whether they bought it during traveling in Indonesia, or bought it in the Philippines, or in the US. But, all I know is that EIGER has now been marketed worldwide.

EIGER (Enhanced Intensity And Greater Energy Range) is an Indonesian brand established and developed in the city of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. It has been dominating Indonesian market for quite a while. I remember conquering some mountains with EIGER on my back. I am pretty sure, EIGER has been used by those who wanna top the Everest.

There are some more brands catching up quickly, they are NEOpack, BodyPack, Nordwand, etc. Source: Eiger Adventure

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