Indonesia's Global Brands (Part 13: Jeans and Accessories)

Indonesia's Global Brands (Part 13: Jeans and Accessories)
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When we are talking about jeans, there's nothing that can beat the Levi's, the legendary jeans originated in San Francisco, US, first established in 1873. My American friend told me that there are 4 things that built America, Rock n Roll, Harley Davidson, Coca Cola, and Levi's. Other famous brands are Wrangler, Lee, and Diesel. Not so many people know that Indonesian jeans brands are slipping into this crowd and position themselves strongly for specific market. 1. LEA Many Indonesians think that this is an American brand. This is an Indonesian brand specifically design and marketed by capturing the spirit of America. Established in 1979, LEA has been providing American style casual clothing, and accessories. I am personally amazed by the branding work, from its ads, logo, stores, etc, this really makes this brand comparable to those giant brands. 2. PeterSaysDenim It was actually derived from the owner's band back in 2005, Petersayssorry, he then established a small company producing jeans, branded PETERSAYSDENIM (at first, the jeans was branded REVENGER DENIM KILLER). Good they changed their name. This jeans is now expanding to the furthest corner of earth, all the way to Canada, US, and Europe. It has branched out into producing not only Jeans, but flannels, jackets, wallets, and tees.

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