A Bit Of Indonesia Overseas

A Bit Of Indonesia Overseas
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It's Friday, time for GNFI to share with you light postings :) We'd like to share with you some Indonesian names, overseas. Of course those names mean something to Indonesia, unlike Lake Tempe in the US (Tempe is Indonesian traditional food), nor Gila River in Colorado (Gila means insane/crazy). Rather, it's something which has a connection back to Indonesia. 1. Taman Indonesia in Parc Paradisio Conservation Park, Brugelette, Belgium This 5 hectare park is a unique and special park not only for Europeans but also for Indonesian living in Europe. There you can find Puri Agung Shanti Buwana in the same size as its real castle in Bali, erected on paddy terrace, just like in Ubud.

Also, you will find Miniature of Prambanan Temple and Gunung stones like Mt Kawi, Tana Toraja buildings, miniature of Borobudur, NTT traditional houses, and giant roots of huge trees just like in Banten. 2. Jakarta Street and Soekarno Street in Morocco In Jakarta, you'll find Jl. Casablanca (Casablanca street), while in Morocco, you'll find Jakarta Street, and Soekarno Street.

3. Kartinistraat (Kartini street) in the Netherlands Yes, Kartini is Indonesian heroin for her effort to promote woman emancipation back in the 20's. The Netherlands acknowledges that. There are 4 cities in the Netherlands that adopted Kartini as name of their street: Utrech, Amsterdam, Venlo, and Harleem.

4. Lombok District in the Netherlands In Utrech, there's a small area called Lombok District. Lombok is one beautiful island next to Bali.

5. Muhammad Hattastraat (Muhammad Hatta Street) in the Netherlands Muhammad Hatta was Indonesia's first vice president and contributed a lot for the country's independence. Muhammad Hatta street is located in Harleem, the Netherlands.

6. Sutan Sjahrisstraat Sutan Sjahrir was one of Indonesia's important figure during struggle for independence. He was also Indonesia's first prime minister.

Photo Credit: Onno Kummer (Lombok District)

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