Indonesian Special Forces And The Iron Wagon

Indonesian Special Forces And The Iron Wagon
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Indonesian Special Forces (Kopassus) is arguably on of the best special forces in the world with high capabilities and strength. I was sure it should be in par with SAS of UK, or Navy Seals of the US. Well, you might argue with that, but what I wanna assure you is that you can't find a special forces with such capacity easily :)

Kopassus with their stark identity, Red Berrets

I think GNFI has posted enough entries regarding Kopassus, now i'd like to share you how one vehicle Kopassus possesses, it's called the Casspir.

Wikipedia says: "The Casspir is a landmine-protected personnel carrier (APC) that has been in use in South Africa for over 20 years. It is a four wheeled armoured vehicle, used for transport of troops. It can hold a crew of two, plus 12 additional soldiers and associated gear. The Casspir was unique in design when launched, providing for passive mine defence. The main body of the vehicle is V-shaped and raised above the ground, so that if a mine is detonated, the explosion is less likely to damage the crew compartment and kill the occupants. The cross-section of the hull is V-shaped, directing the force of the explosion outwards, further protecting the occupants. The vehicle is also armoured for added mine safety, as well as protection from small arms fire. The Casspir was the inspiration and prototype for the US Marines MRAP project."

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