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Indonesia's Global Brands (Part 17: Fragrance)

Farah Fitriani Faruq
Farah Fitriani Faruq
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Indonesia's Global Brands (Part 17: Fragrance)
What cologne do you usually put on? If you like to use an international brand of perfume, than you really should try Pucelle. Girls in Indonesia must be very familiar with this brand, but in case you don't know, Pucelle is a brand of cologne that is made in Indonesia. This perfume comes from PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk, a company which also produces Pixy (Cosmetics) and Gatsby (Male Body Product). PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk is a joint venture company between Mandom Corporation, Japan and NV City Factory. The company was established in  1969 and has been developing faster. Beside selling colognes  and cosmetics in Indonesia, Mandom Indonesia also sells its product overseas. Pucelle, Pixy, Gatsby, Oxxo, Tancho, Mandom, Spalding, Lovillea, and Miratone are the brands that have been manufactured in Indonesia and exported to various countries. Feeling unfamiliar with some names of the brands? It's because some of the products are specially made to be exported, not for sale in Indonesia. That's why it's very rare for us to see those brands in local stores. But, if you go to Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Countries of UAE, you'll see those brands in display. News Source: Mandom Photo Source: Gemplaza

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