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Ferdi Rizkiyanto, An Amazing Digital Artist And Art Director

Farah Fitriani Faruq
Farah Fitriani Faruq
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Ferdi Rizkiyanto, An Amazing Digital Artist And Art Director
I recently read about an Indonesian guy named Ferdi Rizkiyanto. He is a digital artist who has worked for some global brands like Kit Kat, Coca-Cola, Hugo etc. Frankly speaking, I never realized who he is until I saw his art creations. I recognized some of his pictures for the commercial of those global brands, and those works are just incredible. Ferdi, (usually addressed as Pepey), is really good in manipulating  photo in order to create a beautiful graphic design work . A new york graphic designer, Roberto Blake, interviewed Pepey and posted the interview on his website on September 11 2009. Check the interview and Pepey's masterpieces below. Prepare to be amazed :) Today’s interview is with Indonesia based Graphic Designer Ferdi Rizkiyanto, also known as Pepey. You probably remember him for one of his more popular photo-manipulations, a PSA demonstrating the threat of Global Warming. Ferdi’s graphic design work is amazing and has exceptional attention to detail. Lets start with an introduction. Could you tell us about yourself, where you’re from and how you got started in the design field? My real name is Ferdi Rizkiyanto, I’m from Jakarta – Indonesia, when I was in high school my older brother introduced me with Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop, then when I was in college, got myself in-love with 3D software such as Poser and Bryce for quite a while. Red Bull the spirit within by Pepey I’ve seen that many of your designs use 3D in combination with lighting effects, is there any particular reason? When I was still hooked with 3D I’ve always interested how to make a realistic CG artwork, and lighting fx is one of the most important essence to do it. And now I use that reference every time I need it with my concept. Global_Warming___Evolution_by_pepey What would you say have been some of your strongest influences as a designer and digital artist? since I just a kid, I always admire and inspired by sci-fi, horror and superheroes stories, it’s amazing how they can make fiction into something that look so real and believable. Red_Bull___the_spirit_within_2_by_pepey Were there any barriers you’ve had to overcome in entering the field and trying to develop as an artist? Well, it’s a tough and fast world out there, the only barrier is myself, if I want to keep up with it, I’ll just have to keep upgrading my skill, keep trying to push myself to be better and keep learning new things. Global_Warming___Evolution_2_by_pepey What would you say is the largest difficulty you’ve encountered when working on a design, and how did you overcome it? Sometimes it’s hard to get an idea or inspiration to visualize the message that I want to deliver, usually I just began to do more research about it and hopefully gonna get inspired on the process. Red_Bull___the_spirit_within_3_by_pepey What has been your most valuable resources as a designer? The Internet, it’s the never-ending resource of knowledge and inspiration, from the most basic design tutorial to the “out of the world” inspiration are there. IndonesiaUnite_by_pepey What would you say is the hardest part of being a designer? For me, there is no hardest part if you love what you do, every obstacles is a whole new adventure that I have to overcome, and in the end I’ll have a valuable experience by going through it :D global_warming_turn_it_ioff_by_pepey Are there any other designers or artist that you draw inspiration or advice from? Well, I’m a fan of Piotr Jaworowski work, that dude rocks! you can see his amazing work at [link] Alice_by_pepey So far what would you say is your favorite piece you’ve that you have created, and why? The Global Warming PSA – Time Beside the message itself, the design process of that particular piece really helped me to upgrade my skill and sharpen my attention to detail. global_warming_PSA___time_by_pepey If you could use design to influence or change the world in a positive way, how would you go about it? If I could use it, then I’ll do it by making everyone to take their part and responsibilities to help stop any more damage that has been done to our beautiful planet. global_warming_fish_by_pepey What do you hope to achieve design wise in the next 5 years? Really don’t know what to answer/hope for, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see :) Thanks for a great interview Ferdi! You can support Ferdi and his artwork by visiting his online portfolios and leaving comments on his images as well as adding them to your favorites. News Source: Roberto Blake Photo Source:

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