New Branches of Bank Mandiri

New Branches of Bank Mandiri
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Bank Mandiri, the largest bank in Indonesia in term of assets, loans and deposits, recently opened a branch Office in Shanghai, China. The bank which has more than 900 branches spread across three different time zones in the Indonesian archipelago, now officially has 6 branches abroad:
  • Bank Mandiri Singapore Branch, operate under offshore bank license granted by Monetary Authority of Singapore,
  • Bank Mandiri Hong Kong Branch,
  • Bank Mandiri Cayman Island Branch,
  • Bank Mandiri Dili Branch,
  • Bank Mandiri Shanghai Branch,
  • Bank Mandiri (Europe) Limited, located in London, UK. Subsidiary of PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk.
TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:Bank Mandiri has finally opened a branch office in Shanghai, China. Thomas Arifin, Bank Mandiri’s Treasury and Financial Institution’s special asset management director, said opening a new branch has been attempted since 2007 and the Shanghai bank is expected to begin operations by the first quarter of 2011.“We will provide banking services, like gathering corporate funds, offering corporate loans, export-import trade transactions, and handling remittances,” Thomas said yesterday. The license from the China Banking Regulatory Commission was granted on November 3 this year.Bank Mandiri has also expanded to Malaysia with the establishment of a new branch office there. The establishment of Bank Mandiri in Shanghai and Malaysia means the bank’s international network covers seven countries in three continents. News Sources: Tempo Interaktif, Wikipedia Photo Source: Matanews

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