Lonely Planet lists the top 15 natural, adventurous and exotic destinations in Indonesia as follows:

1. Kelimutu Lake-Multihued crater lakes set atop an ancient volcano

2. Sumba Island– Fascinating and isolated island with unique tribal traditions and a rich weaving heritage

3. Pulau Weh – Undisturbed beaches, visiting whale sharks and sublime diving

4. Danau Toba – Gracious Batak hospitality and Southeast Asia’s largest volcanic lake

5. Banda Islands – Sublime snorkelling and pristine coral gardens in history’s fabled Spice Islands

6. Pulau Ternate & Pulau Tidore – Volcanic vistas overlooking ancient sultanates

7. Borobudur – Swaying palms, luminescent-green rice fields and Indonesia’s most breathtaking monument to Buddha

8. Gunung Bromo – Bubbling volcano resting in the desolate wastes of the Sea Of Sands

9. Bali -Heady fun, night-time pleasure, palaces, temples, shopping and Indonesia’s tourist heart

10. Bunaken Marine National Park – Underwater odysseys, staggering marine life and dazzling reefs

11. Tana Toraja – Elaborate funeral rites and a mystical mountain kingdom

12. The Baliem Valley – Trekking Papua’s stunning highlands and encountering diverse cultures

13. Pulau Biak – Birds of paradise, white-sand beaches and WWII wreck diving

14. Tanjung Puting National Park – River adventures, jungle treks and endearing rust-red orang-utans

15. Loksado – Hiking, bamboo, rafting and losing yourself in the enigmatic Meratus Mountains

Source: Lonely Planet

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