What? Train? Bali?

What? Train? Bali?
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AHA! If things run smoothly, no political non sense, in 2015, Bali will have a tourist train as a mean to travel overland. The train is expected to ease congenstion currenly horrorizing Bali roads, especially in the south part.

Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Communications, Government of Bali Province, and PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Indonesian Train Company) in Jakarta.

The train is expected to support the equitable distribution tourists between the north and south. Currently, the southern part of Bali welcomes far more tourists than the north, even the northern area offers more complete attractions.

After the MoU signing, a task force was formed immediately. They will soon discuss action plans for the implementation. The Railway will be 565 km long along the coasts around the island.


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