The World Owes Indonesia (Part IV)

The World Owes Indonesia (Part IV)
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It’s all the rage this spring. If you don’t have any Ikat (pronounced ee-kaht) in your home, you’re going to love these pretty patterns. Try switching out your winter pillows for some bright Ikats. Do you have a window that needs dressing up? Ikat patterns are both stylish and cheery and lend themselves to formal panels or casual Roman shades. Pottery Barn even has a line of pretty Ikat bed linens in their new collection. Ikat is an ancient style of weaving in which the yarn is dyed before it’s woven into geometric patterns. It often has a slightly “fuzzy” look to it. It looks a bit like tie-dyed or batik fabric. The name Ikat originated in Indonesia but these colorful fabrics are made all over the world. The bright, multi-hued woolen blankets made by women in the Andes and by native Americans in the American Southwest are typical Ikats. In Thailand and Cambodia weavers use lustrous silks to create their fabrics. Uzbekistanis use Ikats for blankets and for their traditional costumes. However you chose to bring Ikat into your home this year you can be sure of one thing. Your new décor will be right in style. News Source: The Daily Stamford Photo Source: exotic india art

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