Eleven dancers from the Surakarta Arts Institute completed a non-stop 24-hour dance performance in observance of International Dance Day last week on Saturday. The event, which began on Friday, was joined by more than 4,000 members of the public, who turned the streets of Surakarta into a giant stage. On Saturday, after completing the performance, the dancers ate nasi liwet (boiled rice), a local delicacy of rice cooked in coconut milk, with chicken and vegetables. Cultural observer and journalist Goenawan Mohamad delivered a speech to mark the end of the event, tempointeraktif.com reported Saturday. "We are pleased that we managed to perform for 24 hours," one of the dancers, Bobby Ari Setyawan, said. Bobby said he had worked on his fitness for days ahead of the performance. Another dancer, Anouk Wilke of the Netherlands, said the dancers had not been performing any specific dance routines. "We moved our body using improvised techniques," said the Yogyakarta Arts Institute student. taken from the jakarta post

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