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Made in Indonesia Presented to the World

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Made in Indonesia Presented to the World
Made in Indonesia Presented to the World
Event Review to come, stay tune! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, to be exact, it's going to be presented to the American public in Washington, D.C. metro area on May 21, 2011 from 11 am to 7 pm. So, what is Made in Indonesia? Just like any product with a "Made in..." manufacturing tag, Made in Indonesia is all about anything and everything made in Indonesia. It's a one-day summer street festival to showcase what we've got in store for American audience. There will be dance and music performances, street fashion shows, Indonesian boutiques and restaurants booths, and other fun stuff! Get ready to be charmed by a flavorful mix of Indonesian arts, food, and people in this pilot project of what's planned to be an annual show. So, make sure you check it out, come and enjoy the fun! But be prepared, you're gonna want some more! Visit Made in Indonesia here!

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