Join the GNFI team!

Join the GNFI team!

Join the GNFI team!

Good News From Indonesia (GNFI) was founded by Mr. Akhyari Hananto in 2008, who was (and still is) really optimistic about Indonesia and were sick of Indonesian's medias broadcasting bad news about this nation. He fought the many mainstream medias negative portrays of Indonesia by posting good news he collected from various sources at his blog. His blog began gaining loyal readers from every corner of the world and many of them joined forces to support the efforts in promoting the good sides of Indonesia. GNFI is your independent and trusted premier source of all kinds of good news from Indonesia. Our vision is clearly defined within good news, with no intervention from political, religious, or any private interest that might harm our independence. In March 2009 GNFI was officially re-launched as GNFI Network at Now, GNFI is also on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. GNFI aims to be the premier source of good news from Indonesia and the leader in optimism mindset. With that in mind, we're inviting you, yes...that's right, YOU, to join us in our journey to restore optimism and rebuild confidence. If you are: 1. optimistic and positive about Indonesia 2. able to speak, write and read not only in Bahasa but also in English 3. willing to contribute in GNFI voluntarily. There are many ways in which you can contribute, the choice is yours! 4. and most importantly, IN LOVE WITH INDONESIA! if you think you have what it takes, please send in an email to [email protected] no later than July 6, 2011. Kindly include in the subject of the email "Join GNFI Team" so we won't miss them. All we need is a softcopy of your CV and tell us why you want to join the team and how can you contribute to GNFI. Keep it short and sweet please, both the CV and the application letter should not exceed 1000 words, and written in English. We look forward to welcome all of you to the GNFI team.

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B.J. Habibie's speech for Egypt Democracy Sebelummnya

B.J. Habibie's speech for Egypt Democracy

Di Balik Paras Cantik Penari Gandrung Sewu Selanjutnya

Di Balik Paras Cantik Penari Gandrung Sewu

Farah Fitriani Faruq

Farah Fitriani Faruq

life is too short to be negative.

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