Juventini in the country can be proud because Juventus is the first European football club to have a website in Indonesian language. Official license from the headquarters in Turin Bianconerri has also been obtained, and will be coupled with other Asian countries namely China. The site can be accessed here. This is certainly a pride for IndonesianJuventini because many other European football clubs have big fan bases in Indonesia but don't have the Indonesian language as an official language on their website. "We are very happy with this new breakthrough. This proves that we are really considered as an official supporter group of Juventus in Indonesia. We are proud," said Chairman Juventini Indonesia. Then how was the process until this  cooperation happened? Italo Gani as the chief commercial M-Stars revealed that Juventini Indonesia has made a contact to the Juventus management in Italy. He said that during the last two months he has visited countries like Britain, Spain and Italy to promote the idea of the club's official website to speak with local clubs, like Liverpool, Real Madrid and Juventus. "From the three clubs, Juventus are the only one that seemed enthusiastic. Another thing, for Madrid and Liverpool, it is very difficult to get them to use Indonesian language for their site. Yet they also have a big fan base here", said Italo.

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