Far from infotainments spotlights, this man from Yogyakarta flew to Europe on July 19 for a tour with French DJ, Chinese Man Records. This man, Heru Wahyono, describes himself on his Twitter (@HERUWA) as “The singer of your favorite band @shaggydogjogja and the mastermind behind Indonesia’s wildest dance unit @dubyouth_yk. First meeting between Heru and Chinese Man Records was In June 2009, when Dubyouth was being the opening act of Chinese Man Records’ show at Yogyakarta. In November 2009, Dubyouth came to Paris for collaboration show with Chinese Man Records and Rollin’ Rockers. Few stories of their collaboration also recorded and published in YouTube (click here to watch the video).

Then, in 2010 Heru met Chinese Man again when Chinese Man was on a vacation trip; the trip also looked for some inspirations for Chinese Man Records album entitled Racing With The Sun. The album released on April 2011, including one song entitled J.O.G.J.A., a song where Chinese Man Records collaborate with Indonesian musician: Kill The DJ, M2MX, and of course Dubyouth. Heru also participated as co-producer of the album, and then Chinese Man Records invited him to join the tour.

The first show of the tour has just finished on July 21. Via his Twitter Heru said there were about 3000 people dance together and enjoy the show which was held in Vienne, France. Here are some photos of the show, check 'em out!
During The Sound-Check


The Crowd Of The Show

Chinese Man Records and Heru will have more gigs in France and also in Belgium until August 2011. Indonesia should be proud that Indonesian musicians are really appreciated by other country. Heru also tweeted that his friends in Europe give big respect to Indonesian musicality. They are amazed that averagely people in Indonesia can play guitar.


Source : http://twitter.com/HERUWA http://jogjanews.com/2011/07/19/heru-shaggy-dog-bersiap-tour-eropa/ written by Alfonsus D Johannes edited by Farah Fitriani http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chinese-Man/100103787370

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