Jakarta may be the capital of Indonesia. But the capital of Indonesia's Fashion world is Jember, said Patrice Desilles, president of the school model, Esmod Indonesia when he was attending and participating in the Jember Fashion Carnaval X, Sunday, July 24, 2011. Jember is a small regency in East Java which is located in an area 190 kilometers away from Surabaya. The initiator of JFC is Dynand Fariz, a designer whose designs have won International Awards as runner up in the category of "Best National Costume" at Men Hunt International 2011 in Taiwan, The Winners in the event of Mister International 2011 in Jakarta and the Mister Universe Model Pageant 2011 in the Dominican Republic. JFC 2011 was joined by around 600 participants. there are several themes to be followed by the participants including The Royal Kingdom, Punk, India, Athens, Tsunami, Bali, Borneo, Roots, Animal Plant and Butterfly. When Tsunami's theme was on the runway, all the participants wore blue sea colored costumes. we found out later that the costume designer was inspired by the Tsunami disaster that happened in Aceh a few years ago. Meanwhile, Borneo runway looks like an image of the past beauty of Indonesia. this runway was also joined by three female inmates from the Lembaga Permasyarakatan Wanita Malang. They're part of the assimilation program that's held the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. a participant who's really interested in JFC is the president of the school model, Esmod Indonesia. the President of Esmod Indonesia, Frenchman Patrice Desilles admitted his amazement of the festival. he also couldn't stop comparing France with Jember. The problem, he said, though France is a country of carnivals but carnivals there are so boring, unlike the JFC, which show a greater emphasis on ethnic and cultural diversity. According to him, What is shown in JFC is the actual identity of Indonesia's fashion style. People in Indonesia is accustomed to choosing clothes that are decorative for any event. It appears that we are already accustomed to have many type of fashion style, huh? even fashion experts like Patrice Desilles praised our fashion style :-) in the end of the day, just like the organizer had planned, Butterfly runway finished JFC. Sun was going down when viewers and participants went home with a wide smile of happiness. i bet they felt so lucky to witness a Perfect fashion carnival. that's a little story of Jember Fashion Carnaval, one of the most unique fashion festival in Indonesia, probably in the whole world. by the way, JFC will also be held in Indoor Concert Istora Senayan Jakarta on 30 to 31 December 2011. interested? be there! Sources: www.beritajatim.com www.jemberfashioncarnaval.com Written for Good News From Indonesia by Riefka Aulia Edited by Farah Fitriani

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