Tim Olimpiade Fisika Indonesia (TOFI) (Indonesia Physics Olympiad Team) maintains its tradition in winning back gold medal at the prestigious 42th International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) in Bangkok, Thailand, on 10-18th July 2011. The Indonesia's representations of TOFI are: ü Erwin Wibowo, SMAK BPK Penabur Garding Serpong student, who reached gold medal. ü Kevin Ardian Fauzie, SMA Santa Maria Pekanbaru student, who reached silver medal. ü Farhan Nur Kholid and Luqman Fathurochim, SMA Sragen Bilingual Boarding School Middle Java student,and also Imam Agung Rahrja, SMA Pribadi Depok student, who reached bronze medal. These five students have competed individually, with 393 total of participants from 84 countries. All senior high school students in the world have done theory test for five hours on 12th July and practical test for five hours on 14th July. The combination between the difficulty level of test and competency level of students/participants in this year was good enough. This thing was seen from the average mark of participants, which was 25.48 (maximum mark was 50). Amazingly, the five participants from Indonesia had above average marks. “The pattern of exercises we did was shorter than before, which was three months. But our tradition in reaching gold medal was successfully done every year,”said Kemendiknas, Suharlan. news source: http://aladiw.us/tim-olimpiade-fisika-indonesia-meraih-medali-emas/ Translated and rewritten for Good News From Indonesia by Tamar Naomi

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