The Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (Mer-C) has built a hospital in Gaza, Palestine. Presidium of Mer-C Joserizal Jurnalis said at the Agung Mosque in Medan Friday that the hospital was built in North Gaza close to the border with Israel. "Some 3 kilometers from Israel," he said. He added that the hospital itself covers 1,000 square meters and the land on which it stands 1.65 hectares. The hospital was built with wakaf (money for religious purposes) from Muslims in Indonesia who cared for the people of Palestine. For the sake of transparency, he conducted a tender published in a news paper in Palestine to give a chance to local businessmen. His office guaranteed that if the money for the hospital has nothing to with foreign interference because it is sought by Muslim donors in Indonesia. And he also pointed out the the money for building the hospital did not even come from the Indonesian government although President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had promised to donate Rp20 billion. The President made the promised when receiving Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas some time ago. "But the money is difficult to get, so that we are on our own," he said.   News Source: ANTARA News

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