State Secretary of the German economic and development cooperation ministry (BMZ) Hans-Jurgen Beerfeltz praised development achievements in Indonesia. "I have noticed and very much appreciated the progress Indonesia has achieved in the last few years," Hans-Jurgen Beerfeltz said when visiting the Indonesian pavilion under the Day of Open Doors event held by the German economic and development cooperation ministry. He especially visited the Indonesian pavilion because Indonesia is one of the focuses of main partners in German development cooperation. The state secretary in the visit enjoyed Indonesian culinary delicacies and coffee. The technical and development cooperation between the two countries had been going on since 1961. German total technical and financial cooperation assistance to Indonesia up to the end of 2010 amounted to 3.26 billion euro. Beerfeltz has said earlier that development cooperation is an important factor in the globalization era, but the purpose is not merely economic cooperation but also cooperation between the German community and all other countries in the world. In this context he has especially thanked all embassies participating in this event, especially in observing the 50th anniversary of BMZ. "This means that it has been half a century BMZ had been working together with countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. This cooperation will be raised in the coming years," he said. On the occasion, the Indonesian ambassador in Berlin Dr. Eddy Pratomo congratulated BMZ on its 50th anniversary and thanked and appreciated the technical and development cooperation that had so far been developed by the two countries. He also hoped the technical and development cooperation between the two countries could be further enhanced in the coming years. In the meantime BMZ Minister Dirk Niebel expressed thanks for the participation of the 50 countries partners of Germany technical and development cooperation in the Day of Open Doors event. Minister Niebel praised the programs of cooperation with partner countries on the basis of the principle of equal partnership. In that context Minister Niebel also appreciated the assistance and institutional support in the implementation of German development cooperation like GIZ and other German non-governmental organizations. Not less than 800 Germans from Berlin and surrounding areas continued to come to the Indonesian pavilion opened from 10 am to 6 pm. News Source:

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