The natural resources and technical abilities as well as research facilities which actually could be optimized further made President Susilo Bambang Yudhyono to believe that in some time to come Indonesia will emerge as a country playing an important role in food production regionally and globally. "I say that this country has good food prospects. The world population will continue to increase so that the need for standard food and energy will be big, and at the same time food and energy security will be facing a global challenge," the President said when visiting a Livestock Research Center at the Livestock Training Center in Ciawi, Bogor, Monday afternoon. The President added that not only the Indonesia`s population is increasing, the middle class is also growing, which means they will need good quality food, which cannot be realized without research and innovation. The Head of State said if the economy is improving the budget for research and development would be raised. "But this is not enough. I have asked for the establishment of cooperation between research and research institutions and private circles besides the government, producing ready for use research," the President said in the company of Education Minister Muhammad Nuh and Agriculture Minister Suswono. The Head of State who visited the research center in his Ramadhan Safari said that the government is relying on research and development to meet the needs for food nationally and regionally. "We are dreaming that Indonesia will become a rice barn for food in the region, or for certain commodities. For certain commodities, we are already secured," the President said. In the meantime, a researcher at the livestock research center, Pius, said the research facilities at the complex are already quite old and need renewal and replacement. Pius also hoped for an increase in the functional allowances of the researchers. Responding to the request, the Head of State said the number of research instruments at the livestock research center will be increased in stages in the next three years. Another researcher, Bestina Murti, said to increase self-supporting in cows and water buffaloes in 2014 livestock even distribution needs to be organized well. "I wish that the transportation of livestock from Jakarta to Surabaya by train would be resumed," he said. Responding to Bestina`s wish, President Yudhoyono said the government had decided on a policy on livestock development, the first by way of increased productivity, and the second, increased connectivity. "For that purpose we already have a connectivity program in the next 15 years the agricultural sector would also become part, to prevent imported cows to become cheaper than those from Surabaya or East Nusa Tenggara," he pointed out. During the 30-minite visit, the President inspected livestock products like chicken eggs, goats, cows, milk and meat. The President believed Indonesia will become an advanced country in the coming years after working hard, unity and participation from all sides. The President was flanked by First Lady Ani Yudhoyono and a number of cabinet ministers in the Ramadhan Safari to a number of regions in West and Central Java until August 26. Before visiting the cow research center, the Head of State visited a school and bag producing center in Ciawi.   News Source: ANTARA News

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