Indonesia won two gold medals in the men's team kata or form category and women's team kata in the World Karate Federation championships in Istanbul, Turkey on Sunday. In the tournament in which 36 countries are participating, Indonesia women's trio and men's trio defeated those from Egypt 5-0. The women's team, Dewi, Yulianti and Sisilia, won gold after performing Haiku, while the men's team (Faisal Zainudiin, Aswar and Fidelys Lolobua) displayed Kururunfa. Indonesian karatekas, however, returned empty-handed in kumite or fight category. Some stopped in the third rounds, some in the third rounds and some others failed in the repechage rounds. "We will evaluate the result of the tournament," said Indonesian karate team manager for the SEA Games, Zulkarnaen Purba, was quoted by News Source: The Jakarta Post

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