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Two Indonesians to Attend Global Youth Summit in London

Farah Fitriani Faruq
Farah Fitriani Faruq
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Two Indonesians to Attend Global Youth Summit in London
Two Indonesians have been selected from almost 2,000 young people from all over the world to attend the Global Youth Summit in London from Nov. 13 to Nov. 19. The two teenagers are Ryan Fajar Febrianto, 19 and Anindita Kusuma Listya, 19. They will join 58 other participants in the summit to share best practices in the areas of human rights, anti corruption, youth work, women’s and girls' rights, climate change, poverty reduction, education, HIV/AIDS and social entrepreneurship said a release from the British Council received by the Jakarta Post on Monday. The Global Youth Summit is part of the British Council’s Global Changemakers initiative. Global Changemakers is a global network of a select group of young people, who have a significant track record as social entrepreneurs, social activists and volunteers (ages 16-25). They meet to share ideas and best practices, and work individually and together on projects that directly impact the lives of those in their local communities. taken from The Jakarta Post

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