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Kebile - Bile is the Next Sea Games's Song!

Farah Fitriani Faruq
Farah Fitriani Faruq
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Kebile - Bile is the Next Sea Games's Song!
The organzing committee of the 26th Sea Games has selected a South Sumatra folk song titled "Kebile-Bile" (Some Day) to enrich the reportoire of a musical performance to be conducted at the games’ opening ceremony. The decision to choose Kebile-Bile was based on the consideration that it was already known to the Indonesian public and a typical song of the South Sumatra region. In addition to Kebile-Bile, a number of the country’s folk songs such as Keroncong Kemayoran and Ampar Ampar Pisang will also be sung at the opening ceremony, R. Isnirihadhi M Adam, one of the Sea Games organizing committee members in charge of the choir preparations said here on Monday. A total of 500 people consisting of school and university students, lecturers, women organizers and banking officials will be involved in the choir, Isnirihadhi said, adding that the singing duration is about 40 minutes. The folk songs presentation will take place prior to the official opening ceremony. The closing ceremony of the biennial sports event will also be held in Palembang. Apart from that, a total of 3,800 dancers comprising school and university students have also been prepared for the opening and closing ceremonies. The South Sumatra provincial office secretary of the Indonesian national sports committee H Harun Alrasyid said the representatives of all participating countries to the 26th Sea Games have visited Palembang especially to observe the venues. One of the representatives is from the Singaporean sports committee who arrived at Palembang on Tuesday to observe the preparations of the 26th Sea Games. Adam bin M, representative of the Singaporean Sports Committee made the statement here on Tuesday following his meeting with South Sumatra vice governor H Eddy Yusuf. According to him, Singapore as one the Sea Games participants wished to know the preparedness of Palembang as host of the Sea Games in addition to Jakarta. In addition, Adam said that his office wished to know about the sport facilities which have been provided and the accommodation. The 26th Sea Games will be held in Jakarta and Palembang, South Sumatra on November 11 through 22, 2011. Apart from that, Vice President Boediono expressed hope that the Indonesian athletes who will compete in the 26th Sea Games 2011 can show their best achievement. The vice president expressed hope that Indonesia can become a good host to perform the Sea Games. Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Andi Mallarangeng said after attending a SEA Games 2011 roll call at the Bung Karno Sports Stadium in Jakarta recently, "Executives of all sports branches must prepare their athletes based on their programs to ensure their readiness to face the SEA Games." He said Indonesia must really be ready to show its best performance in Southeast Asia`s biggest event, whose organizing would need at least a fund of Rp2 trillion or about 232 million dollars. A total of 542 gold medals will be contested in 44 sport games. In Palembang, the Sea Games will be held at the Jakabaring sports complex. Half of the 44 sport games will be conducted in the South Sumatra capital city of Palembang. The opening and closing ceremony of the Sea Games were scheduled to be held in Jakabaring sport stadium. Indonesia has experiences to host the Sea Games namely the 10th Sea Games in 1979, the 15th Sea Games in 1987 and the 19th Sea Games in 1997. In addition, the 44 branches of sports which will be competed in Jakarta and Palembang on November 11-22, 2011 are 1.Aquatics, 2. Archery, 3. Athletics, 4. Badminton, 5. Baseball, 6. Basketball, 7. Billiards & Snooker, 8. Bowling, 9. Boxing, 10. Bridge, 11. Canoeing, 12. Chess, 13. Cycling, 14. Equestrian, 15. Fencing, 16. Fin Swimming, 17. Football, 18. Futsal, 19. Golf, 20. Gymnastics, 21. Judo, 22. Karate, 23. Paragliding, 24. Pencak Silat, 25. Petanque, 26. Roller Sports, 27. Rowing, 28. Sailing, 29. Sepaktakraw, 30. Shorinji Kempo, 31. Shooting, 32. Softball, 33. Soft Tennis, 34. Table Tennis, 35. Taekwondo, 36. Tennis, 37. Traditional Boat Race, 38. Volleyball, 39. Vovinam, 40. Wall Climbing ,41. Water Ski, 42. Weightlifting, 43. Wrestling, and 44. Wushu Minister Mallarangeng in his visit to Palembang recently among others explained that about 10 thousand foreign guests who will come to Palembang will not only to compete or watch the game. Previously, South Sumatra governor H Alex Noerdin said the full support from the local communities to the Sea Games would be a key to make the Sea Games a success. Governor Alex Noerdin also said several field tryouts including the swimming games will be held in October at the SEA Games arena. "We are trying to complete the construction of the SEA Games facilities, especially the city of Palembang which will host the opening and closing ceremonies of the upcoming Sea Games," he said. Meanwhile, the South Sumatra provincial Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) will deploy hundreds of its personnel to help control the security during the Sea Games performance. Chief of the local Satpol PP unit, Aris Saputra said his personnel will conduct patrol at all the Sea Games venues as well as in the city of Palembang to ensure the safety. In addition, the Satpol PP will also secure several tourist resorts in the city like the Ampera Bridge. Aside from that, in a bid to keep all plants at the Jakabaring sports stadium complex fresh, the local administration needs 30 thousand liters of water for watering the plants. According to head of the Jakabaring asset security agency, H Rusli Nawi, his office continued watering the plants to make them fresh. Now, all of a sudden the Jakabaring complex has become the place of interest for the domestic tourists.   News Source:
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