Over 1,300 children and youths from 120 countries will take part in an international Tunza Indonesia Children and Youth Conference on the Environment 2011 in Bandung from September 27 to October 1, 2011. "We have to be grateful for the trust given to us to host the international environment conference," Environment Minister Gusti Muhammad Hatta said here on Thursday. The event will be held at the Bandung Ganesha Cultural Hall. The international children and youth conference on the environment is a bi-annual event. This time, the conference is themed "Reshaping Our Future Through A Green Economy And Sustainable Lifestyle". It aims at arousing the awareness of world’s younger generations toward the importance of green economy, sustainable consumption and others. "We hope that the youths would have a high care for the environment through educational process, hard work and information exchange," the minister said.   News Source: KOMPAS.com

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