The Recreational Sports Federation for the Indonesian Society (FORMI) says that it will organize a National Recreational Sports Festival (FORNAS) in which participants will compete in 18 different events. The festival which will be held in Jakarta from Oct. 6-9, will include traditional games. The festival will also boast seven exhibitions and five festivals and is part of the federation's effort in shaping itself to host an international recreational sporting event in 2016. “This sporting event is also preparation for our becoming host of the World Recreational Sports Games in 2016,” FORMI chairman Haryono Isman said on Monday as quoted by Haryono added that the 2016 World Recreational Sports Games would have participants from 100 countries, with each country displaying their own characterized sport. The event, governed by The Association of International Sport for All (TAFISA), is run every four years and has so far been staged five times.   News source: The Jakarta Post

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