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Slovak President Visits Borobudur Temple

Farah Fitriani Faruq
Farah Fitriani Faruq
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Slovak President Visits Borobudur Temple
Slovak President Visits Borobudur Temple
Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic visited the world renowned Borobudur Temple in Magelang District, Central Java, on Wednesday. The Slovak state leader and his entourage arrived at Borobudur Temple at around 11.45 local time on Wednesday morning and were greeted by Central Java Deputy Governor Rustriningsih. They then climbed up the stairs of the temple from the west to the summit stupa on the tenth floor. Gasparovic visited the temple accompanied by a number of businessmen from his country. PT Borobudur Temple Tourism Park spokesman Purnomo Siswoprasetijo said the Slovak president enjoyed the visit so much and had a very good impression about the temple. "The Slovak president really admires Indonesian cultural diversity and has heard about Borobudur Temple and therefore he wants to obtain first hand information about the temple," Purnomo said. He said Gasparovic also wanted to visit Prambanan temple if he had time to do so. But Purnomo noted that during the visit to Borobudur, there has yet a discussion that led to a cooperation between Indonesia and Slovak in relation with Borobudur tourism development. Therefore he expressed hope that the visit to Borobudur Temple by Slovak president would have a positive impact on the development of tourism in Indonesia. Purnomo said that during President Ivan Gasparovic`s visit, Borobudur Temple was closed to public for security reason.   News source: ANTARA News

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