Hi everybody, we'd like to welcome you to our newest virtual adventure in Indonesia on 365Indonesia! Our very own dedicated-traveler team member will explore all kinds of different places in Indonesia thru out the year. That's right, for 365 days non-stop! That's why we call it Mad Traveling on 365Indonesia, because beside he's nick name is Mad, this travel plan is unbelievably crazy. But no worries, he'll do everything happily and wholeheartedly for your pleasure, so you know that this country offers much more beyond your already famous Jakarta-Bali-Lombok. And we know how challenging it can be to actually visit those exciting places one by one. Therefore, we'll take you there virtually. And pssst... once you know that we have those beautiful places in this part of the earth, planning your next vacation should be quite easier, choosing it from this list. Or, actually it would be a fun dilemma of which one to choose ^_* So, stay connected and ready to roll! By the way, did we mention that we'll give away merchandises with fun games? Here's our adventure so far... 365Indonesia Day 1 – Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan 365Indonesia Day 2 – Sipiso Piso Fall, North Sumatra 365Indonesia Day 3 – The Crystal Clear Water of Tanjung Bira’s Kambing Island, South Sulawesi 365Indonesia Day 4 – Plebon Ceremony in Ubud, Bali 365Indonesia Day 5 – Butterfly Fish in the Water of Kiluan Bay, Lampung 365Indonesia Day 6 – The Hidden Beauty of Bloam Bay, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara 365Indonesia Day 7 – Cemara Besar Island, Karimun Java, Central Java 365Indonesia Day 8 – Sabesi Island, Lampung 365Indonesia Day 9 – Sunset in Tulamben, Bali 365Indonesia Day 10 – Ngurbloat Beach, Maluku 365Indonesia Day 11 – An Evening at Borobudur, Jogja 365Indonesia Day 12 – Kiluan Island, Lampung 365Indonesia Day 13 – Bathing Elephant in Tangkahan, North Sumatra 365Indonesia Day 14 – Enjoying the Quiet Beach in Palambak Island 365Indonesia Day 15 – The Silence of the Uninhabited Pombo Island, Maluku 365Indonesia Day 16 – The Shy Nemo of Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan

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