Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Approaching the end of its chairmanship of ASEAN, Indonesia will hold ASEAN Fair prior to the 19th ASEAN Summit and the East Asia Summit in Bali. The Indonesian Foreign Ministry along with the Economic Affairs Coordinating Ministry would arrange everything for the fair, Djauhari Oratmangun, General Director of ASEAN cooperation, Foreign Ministry, here on Tuesday. "To be held on Nov 10-14 at Discovery Shopping Mall in Kuta, Bali, the ASEAN fair will be regarded as one of good legacies of Indonesian chairmanship of ASEAN, as through this event we would like to encourage people-to people-oriented cooperation among the ASEAN countries," he said The fair aimed to promote ASEAN culture and dialogue through cultural exchanges such as pop-rock music, culinary exhibition, and exchange of knowledge in innovative and creative industrial development among ASEAN countries," said Edy Putra Irawady, Deputy of the Creative Industry and Tourism Ministry. According to him, the ASEAN Fair would offer the public three kinds of events, namely the 2nd ASEAN Plus Youth Cultural Exchange Festival,the 2nd ASEAN Plus Culinary Festival and the ASEAN Plus Unthinkable Week. In the three events, visitors will not only enjoy pop and rock musical performances from ASEAN artists but they could also taste culinary products from all ASEAN member countries and ASEAN dialogue partners in the Chef Demo that will present to the public foods made by international chefs from Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Russia and several European countries. In the ASEAN plus Unthinkable Week, visitors can enjoy the ASEAN plus Entrepreneur Jamboree encompassing export training and workshop on regional partnership development. Visitors could enjoy innovative product expo, sound and motion festivals that will present Indonesian alternative healing system, Indonesian magic dances, Indonesian Spa and herbal drugs and many others. "We choose the unthinkable theme as we want to show the world how unthinkable Indonesia is. I mean the beauty of Indonesian cultures and heritages can not be described in words as it is so unthinkable," Chief of Attraction Section of the ASEAN Plus Unthinkable Week Tito Loho said. Waktu, one of the Indonesian pop band groups, has stated their excitement in joining this event. "We feel so proud of being chosen to join this event, because we will be Indonesian envoys to promote soft diplomacy among the ASEAN countries." "As youth representatives, we hope that peace can be gained through exchange of cultural knowledge," said Ramdan," a vocalist of Waktu Band. (E002)

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