hey guys, how are you doing? Today i am taking you all the way across Indonesia to see this incredible Ringgit Cape or Tanjung Ringgit. FEW people know about Tanjung Ringgit. Getting there takes you to the ends of the earth, well certainly to the very south-eastern tip of Lombok, to an irresistibly beautiful coastal paradise littered with wartime relics that recall Lombok’s significance to its Japanese occupiers in World War II. As you near Tanjung Ringgit, on a two-and-a-half hour rough road trip from the island’s capital of Mataram, you'll feel close to heaven as a spectacular panorama unfolds that takes your from wide, white sand bays across sparkling blue ocean to the dramatic coastline of Sumbawa island. Observers consistently say the scene makes them want to collapse into the cooling sea and reach out to touch Sumbawa. how about you? Regards, Mad. check out my travel blog madalkatiri for more amazing pictures and follow @madalkatiri!

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