Java, Indonesia, February, 2015, The face of Indonesian agriculture is changing. In Indonesia, most small farmers are women, but their contributions are ignored and marginalised. As women increasingly become farmland owners and operators, YES2DO project that was established by Yunita Kopjanski has identified a need for tailored information and assistance that helps them achieve their conservation goals.
(Foto: Antara)

  The YES2DO project helps vulnerable women in Indonesia adapt to climate change by providing the POWER of circle and seeds in their villages and farm, which enables them to develop a diversified livelihood. Its POWER targets the poorest and most vulnerable women in each community, most of whom live on less than $2.00 per day. The YES2DO project builds resilience to climate change because it enables women to own productive assets, which generate income and are not tied to the drought-threatened livestock industry. The women-only circles help women landowners and farmers become more knowledgeable and confident about farm conservation issues, practices and available resources. What we're learning in these conversations will shape a national survey to gather detailed information about the women who own farmland in Indonesia and lease it for agricultural production. This information will help us and the nation's resource management agencies give women landowners the tools and information they need to best care for their land.  Working together we can save the land that sustains us in Indonesia. Follow YES2DO on twitter: @YES2SUSTAINABLE.

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