Indonesia is undoubtedly the one and only home to one of world's most exotic prehistoric creature. Every one participated in the trip last week to 7 December until 10 December 2015 expressed their amazement after witnessing the komodo dragon before their own eyes. "Very unique and mystical" they said. The dragon is indeed the main appeal for many to visit this small island.
Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) Komodo dragon
(Varanus komodoensis)

The urge to see the dragons made many participants, who won the Wonderful Indonesia Top Bucket List Contest a few months ago which held by the Ministry of Tourism of Republic Indonesia become "restless" and "hardly can't wait" they said. They are coming from neighbouring countries like the Philippines, India and Australia as well as from countries from which they took 24 hours flight to reach Indonesia like United States, Canada and Mexico. The long flight obviously drained their energy, but the magnet of the dragons keep their spirit up high. Indonesia Top Bucket List One of the participant, Carlos Alberto who came all the way from Mexico said that he was already exhausted on the first day he arrived in Bali, but, he got so on-fire when sharing us his story on how he 'forcefully' asked his friends to give 'like' on his video in order to win the prize. Thanks to his undying motivation to see komodo with his own eyes. It was such a memorable journey. Getting to know each other on the first day had been really heartwarming, while we were having dinner at Bali before flying to labuan bajo the next morning. An adventurous day in the lost world was so much awaited by everyone of us. Until the next morning. Part 1 of The INA Top Bucket List Contest, Trip Articles These are the contest winner videos. Watch it! Tyler Cave - Canada Carlos Alberto - Mexico Fiona Bittersworth - Australia Adrian Nadjiwon - Canada Ahmed Zalabany - Germany Laurie Minor - Canada Dhanada Sajit - India Molika Amara - United States Ingrid - United States

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