Reflection of Local Wisdom in Sasak Tribe House

Reflection of Local Wisdom in Sasak Tribe House
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Since very long time ago, basically Indonesians have lived within a big colonies and stay near nature with a supporting social structure. Good values have been settled with the community since they were born. Local wisdom and Indonesia heritage i.e. culture, local languages and customs are the most priceless and precious authenticity that Indonesia has. Those local wisdoms are elements that created the existed diversity of Indonesia. One of the existed and real reflections of Indonesia character lies in Sasak Tribe.

Sasak is one of indigenous tribe in Indonesia and live in Lombok Island. Until nowadays, they still hold and keep their authenticity of culture and custom by living in Bayan, Sembalun, Senaru, Segenter and Sade. Traditional habitation in their live reflects how Indonesians are very close to the nature and we should be proud for everything we have within our Mother Prithvi.

Sasak tribe has been recognized since Majapahit Empire stood on the top of its power (1293 – 1527). It was mentioned within The Book of Negara Kertagama by Mpu Nala that there was a local people who lived within Lombok Island. Sasak continuous and settle down the life by upholding their local customs. One of them is the style and design of their local house. On the top of their house is covered by “rumbia” or straw as the roof.

Philosophically in Sasak belief, house has a very important meaning in human being life because it can protect whole family members from anything dangerous outside and as a place to do their routine including pray. Sasak locals believe that house is in the sacred and profane dimension at one time. It means that Sasak house can be utilized as the place to protect its owners and place for doing religion ritual activities.

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If we could specifically see their Sasak house, it is built based on esthetic aspect and local wisdoms. The construction of the house is built deliberately zig zag with good structure. The function of this design is to hold the burden of roof’s covers and the walls are made from straw and bamboo woven. The main structure of its construction is propped up by four main pillars. The floor is made higher than ground surface and there is a space between them.

Another building that becomes character of Sasak tribe is traditional granary they keep until now. Local granary has a function to keep the rice and other yields far from rat or keep them away from flood. This reflects the idea that food is a very important element in life so to respect nature that has provided then we must keep it right.

The life changing influences mindset and knowledge of people in every single aspect, such as culture, habits, education and technology including the way to socialize with others. As a method to protect the originality of their custom from modern style architecture, the parents usually tell their children with a sort of advice “If you are about to build a house around here, please be notice that you must build the same design and construction like ours. However, if you plan to build modern house just like the others, please make it outside the village”. That’s precisely how the parents teach their children about keeping and upholding the customs and cultures. It’s pretty unique however that’s the only way to keep the spirit of authenticity to stay alive.

What message we can get from Sasak people through their houses are (a) we don’t need to find other materials from outside, since we can find from nature and that’s because nature provide its potential materials to us (b) the structure and construction of the building that very simple reflects the idea that as locals, we really uphold the idea of hospitality.

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