The Trend of Alternative Tourism

The Trend of Alternative Tourism

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The trend to enjoy Alternative Tourism i.e. back to nature and village ecotourism has changed people’s perception about traveling. This condition leads urban people to experience the taste and sensation of organic tourism concept. The trend of Back to Nature is triggered by the boredom of urban people seeing Mall or visiting Recreation places i.e. Swimming pool etc. People need something new to refresh their mind and soul.

People are currently seeking another option to escape from their daily routine exhaustion. Many tour packages offer unique trip as the innovation such as Spedagi in Temanggung, Jakarta Hidden Heritage trip conducted by Wanderlust or even visiting Agrotourism spots. Through this alternative while traveling you will also gain positive vibe and newfound insight about respecting every single variable related with traveling. The variables are local historical path, local wisdom and environmental sector. Those 3 main things are the basic point we should respect and engage while traveling.

People keep seeking the other new experiences about travel to fulfill their desire and curiosity toward alternative tourism. Luckily, Indonesia has a lot of spots to explore and conduct alternative tourism i.e. Agrotourism area in Batu, Malang or Village ecotourism in Yogyakarta. The uniqueness of the trip provides us unforgettable moment in the end.

As Thousand Islands Country, Indonesia has different history places around the nation. Many historical places exist with their own story. Local people can utilize the story and sell it through a package of trip. This can be a breakthrough and innovation in tourism as the vision of Ministry of Tourism is to echo the Responsible Tourism.

A plenty of historical places mean that Indonesia has various local wisdom and culture. Government as the policy maker, need to accommodate the local of getting border and protection in utilizing their custom as tourism products. Besides that, many small-medium enterprises in local are alive. If local people can work together with Government to pursue this goal, then the goodness and sustainable impact will come forward.

Alternative tourism also drags the traveler to engage directly with all elements inside the local spots i.e. local people and the custom in each area. This type of travel indirectly builds the sense of happiness and calm to every single traveler who comes by. Through this method, tourism area can give education about each local culture and promote the uniqueness of local wisdom. Thus, people from other area can respect and notice the idea of diversity.

If we flashback to several years ago, Indonesia dealt with other country and claimed each other about traditional custom, dancing and islands ownership. Through this tourism, Indonesia can utilize the situation to promote more about hidden culture of Indonesia so other people will know more what exactly Indonesia has.

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