The time is ticking and another revolutionary movement of agriculture sector will be coming! Future Agro Challenge (FAC) as the largest global initiative that discovers fundable food, agritech and agriculture innovators around the world will conduct Global Agripreneurs Summit on March, 12 – 13th 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa!

As one of leading sector in the universe, agriculture needs more attention and improvement. The issue of food security and agriculture policy has triggered many young generation in this era to build newfound innovation for the sake of local farmers.

In the other hand, digital era has successfully dragged modern society to use online application since it is handier to use. The existence of online shop and any other startups which utilizing the power of technology, finally can create a better revolutionary movement as well, not to mention agriculture sector.

50 bright contestants will be representing their country in FAC. Particularly, the contestants will tell their solution in front of hundred audiences in FAC. Delivering agriculture issue from different background and providing solution to conquer the obstacle will be the most unforgettable moment for each participant, including Indonesia delegate.

8villages, an Indonesia blooming startup which puts concern into agriculture will come up as the representative from Indonesia. The vision of 8villages is to empower local farmers to be aware about technology, by providing worthwhile features for farmers inside an app. The available features aim to create easiness for local farmers to interact with practitioner and agriculture experts surround. PETANI, as one of apps from 8villages appear to encourage and scale up farmer’s business.

It now attempts to maximize their existence through participating in one of the most prestigious event along together with 49 participants from all over the world. Through a unique value and system that 8villages bring to the battlefield, we do hope there will be something good in the end of the day. Since having a representative in that prestige event turns out to be a meaningful honor for all Indonesian.

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