Kredit Pro Salam from 8villages Helps Farmer to Expand Business with Bank Loan

Kredit Pro Salam from 8villages Helps Farmer to Expand Business with Bank Loan
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Since long time ago Indonesia is known as agricultural country where many agriculture commodities grow well on the land of Mother Prithvi. It is undeniably true that majority in rural area works as farmers. Rising commodities, managing land and gaining profit from the sector are actually the life-cycle we have recognized.

However, the phenomenon of poverty also lies inside rural area. In reality, even if farmers have their own field to produce agriculture commodity, apparently they lack of information resource, guidance system and knowledge to scale up the business.

This situation leads our agriculture sector into the deepest black hole for all this time. Even worse, we cannot compete with Vietnam or Thailand in agriculture. We do import regularly and actually it does kill our local farmer’s micro-business.

The effort of our Government and related institution to empower local farmer has shown progress, but it is not enough. In this digital era where everything connects to internet, depend on digital access and rely on online statistical data, then we need to make improvement in agriculture.

Farmer as the main role actor in the field, needs support from all aspects to improve their quality as superhero in producing food material. Government as policy maker should contribute to create pro-farmer-regulation, bank as trusted finance institution has an ability to inject loan or funding to the farmer’s business, while technology and information company can support to provide online platform for farmers.

Luckily, now we have 8villages, a social enterprise aims to scale up farmer’s business through digitalization. 8villages connects the local farmers to their business partner, non-government organization, multinational corporation and government. As the realization of the vision, 8villages successfully engaged the government of Central Java, PT XL Axiata Tbk and PT Citra Jaya Lestari to launch Petani Jateng app in December 18th 2016.

Now the project continues and the collaboration returns into more sophisticated. By engaging Bank Jateng as project leader together with all partners, 8villages launches "Kredit Pro Salam", a feature on Petani Jateng app to give quick access and easy procedure for farmers to propose funding from Bank Jateng.

As we know that, in recent periods farmers are considered as non-bankable party. There is no such a strong guarantee that farmers can sustainably improve their business. Thus, 8villages came up with the new concept of "Kredit Pro Salam", where farmers can get funding to fulfill their primary need in daily basis.

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