Cooltura_ID as Multicultural Community for the Youth in Bogor

Cooltura_ID as Multicultural Community for the Youth in Bogor
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Cooltura_ID is a Bogor-based local community that has created successful events for the youth during the past six months. We are dedicated to helping the younger people to understand the other people's culture.

It was started from the founder's experiences as a student in a foreign country who felt the direct interaction with the cultures, races, religions, nations, and various types of society.

At that time, the founders genuinely receipt the true meaning of 'Bhinneka Tunggal Ika' that has been written in the textbook only.

In general, cooltura_ID wants to be like a refrigerator, which has a cool nuance and lots of fresh contents, prevents rooting, because it will be always filled with a new knowledge.

Then, 'the coolers', our nickname for friends who follow our activities will be an agent of change, who delivers new and fresh information to more people.

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