Indonesians Living In The Sky

Indonesians Living In The Sky
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Indonesian Province of Papua is the west-half of the largest tropical island in the world, which can be found on a world map above Australia and just below the equator. The indigenous population are tribal people, often known as 'Papuans' means "frizzy haired". They are related to the Australian Aborigines and speak as many as 250 different languages. Papuan is home to the most ethnologically primitive cultures on Earth. No less than 25% of the world's languages are spoken here and obviously you will find a vast display of tribes and tribal customs.

These are people largely unaffected by the structures of the modern world as we know it; a race adapted to daily life solely through their basic survival elements.

The Korowai is one of the tribes in West Papua. They populate the lowland rain forests of south-central Papua, a region that sits between 100 and 200 meters above sea-level. Their living world consists for a major part of swampy mixed rain forests that contain transitional hill ranges to the central New Guinea mountains. Their habitat is limited by two large rivers and the mountains in the north. Their swampy area is approximately 600 Km² bid.

The Korowai people are well known for their tree houses which they build. These houses are between six and 25 meters above ground but they can be as high as 50 meters in times of tribal conflict.

Sooo high!

The Korowai build such kind of tree houses only if there is a dispute with the neighbors, or if they live in an hostile area. Their normal tree houses are around 6 to 25 meters high.

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