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Indonesia's Global Brands (Part 15: Snacks)

Farah Fitriani Faruq
Farah Fitriani Faruq
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Indonesia's Global Brands (Part 15: Snacks)
Do you like eating peanut? If you do, then you must be familiar with this snack: Kacang Garuda. Yup, Kacang Garuda is one of the most popular brands of coasted peanut in Indonesia. This product comes from a big food and beverage company, Garuda Food which also produces other popular snack and drink for children, such as Okky Jelly Drink and Gery Biscuit. It's very likely for us to like Garuda Food's snacks, because those snacks are made after careful consiration in Indonesian market. For example, if most of us like spicy crunchy peanut, then they will sell it.  That's why Kacang Garuda is popular in here. But, have you ever imagined Korean eating the same nuts as we do? Yes they are! Not many Indonesians know that Garuda Food has been selling its product internationally. Countries like South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Germany, Guatemala and others have been covered by Garuda Food distribution area since 2000. Even countries frequently overlooked on the map like Vanuatu, Fiji, and other small-island countries have long been Garuda Food's export destinations. Here the list of Garuda Food distribution area:

Peta Distribusi

List of countries which covered by Garudafood distribution area:
ASIA Australia New Zealand Papua New Guinea Europe
  • Netherlands

  • Germany

Middle East
  • Jordan

  • Yemen

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Palestina

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Nigeria

USACanadaSouth America
  • Chile

  • Bolivia

Central America
  • Guatemala

Pacific Ocean
  • Kiribati

  • Samoa, America

  • Tuvalu

So, what do you think? Isn't it fascinating to know that, indonesians are not the only ones who drink Okky Jelly Drink? ;p News Source: Garuda Food Photo Source: waytodeal

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